Wednesday, July 13, 2011


At first glance, i just laughed at this portrait. i honestly found it pretty hilarious.
i imagined myself daydreaming or spacing off. often times throughout my day i "space off"
or "daydream" a lot and i pictured myself seeing this really elderly lady looking so serious
with not even a hint of a friendly smile on her face. it made me wonder "who would think
of something this clever?"  i know i have a great sense of humor so when im "in the zone"
i would love for this to happen to me, it would give me a good reason to laugh.

this picture just has all the right elements with its colors to the calm and collectedness.
i felt the sense of calmness with how content she looks with her umbrella, the way she is
relaxing on her rug, the clouds in the background with maybe a slight breeze. i just imagine
when your thinking your mind is constantly running a thousand times a minute, when you picture this lady floating by it just completely stops your train of thought and takes your mind off whatever it was you was
thinking and puts a smile on your face.                      

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